From jars to wax melts...

...Nothing beats a scented candle! Candles have become much more than home fragrance, creating personalisation in every space. As people become more mindful, the scents they choose need to capture their mood and evoke a luxury sensory experience. Capture the spirit of the season with a warming Cinnamon at Christmas or a vibrant French Lavender in the Summer.

With all of our candles lovingly poured in the USA, the sophisticated scents imbue their surroundings with subtle fragrances designed to stimulate the senses, calm the nerves, and guarantee happiness.

Peruse through our website and enjoy the evocative journey with us! 


FOR the Home

Complement your decor and fragrance your personal space. Whether its the scent for relaxation in the bedroom, an invogorating essence in the living room, or to create a refreshing, clean and harmonious atmospehre in the bathroom, we have a range to suit your needs.  

Great gifts

Our high quality products are individually designed to to make the perfect gift for him or for her. The array of fragrances, colours, and styles mean there is something for everyone. Our seasonal ranges make perfect holiday presents, while our luxury lifestyle ranges cater for all types of special occasions.


Ranges Available

Nothing creates a more perfect ambience around the home than a perfectly scented candle. We have chosen our ranges to captivate your every mood and situation., inspired by our surroundings and senses. 

 Take a look at our ranges below to find your perfect fragrance.