Winter Is Coming - 5 Ways To Embrace It

Icy mornings and cold evenings make us want to curl up and do nothing. Why not embrace it and make the most of cosy evenings in.

Here's how to enjoy the colder months and embrace the season:

1. Wrap up warm. Grab a blanket or throw, wear your biggest, cosiest jumpers and embrace those chunky knits. Go big or go cold! 

2. Light a candle or two. A lit candle always makes a room feel more homely - it's even better if you have some Autumn/Winter scents to enjoy. 

3. Play games with the family. Board games, charades and other indoor games are the perfect way to keep the family entertained on miserable days, and means you get to spend time making memories. 

4. Hot drinks. It's the time of year to get a little more experimetal with your hot drinks. Why not make hot chocolate with all the extras, or try some new teas. You could make some mulled wine too to celebrate the season. 

5. Cook warming meals. There is no better feeling in Winter than sipping soup or eating a heart warming casserole. You might have a family classic or could try some new recipes. 

If all of this fails to help you enjoy the cold Winter months, just think about Christmas! 

Do you enjoy Winter? What else makes you feel cosy at home during the colder months?